Frame Works | Finissage

Een ogenblick gebduld ascheblijft - Sanitary (t)issuesWe kindly invite you to the grand finale of Frame Works, an exhibition by Els & Nel.

For the finissage we invited Sanitary (t)issues to make a soundscape based on our installation ‘Frame Works’. Which highlights the concept of time management and what this means for people and their environments. The timebased soundscape ‘Een ogenblik geduld asche blijft’ is the result of our request.

“I dream about wasting money. In the end of the day I just waste my time waiting and fantasizing about wasting the money I don´t have”.

Een ogenblick geduld asche blijft is a compilation of sounds, field-recordings and music collected and performed by Sanitary (t)issues. By using casette loops, effectpedals and fieldrecordings she will create a soundcollage inspired by her dull everyday time waste and timemanagement.

Check out Sanitary (t)issues on Soundcloud.

Sunday 27 September 2015, 15.00 – 17:00.
Free drinks by Aperol Spritz!

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