Free Work


Els & Nel x Rachel Schraven
To capture the RAW Case, the final product of a collaboration with Glamcult Studio and G-Star RAW, Els & Nel teamed up with photographer Rachel Schraven. With a graphic still life as a result.

G- Star RAW and Els & Nel both share a passion for craftsmanship and find their origins in ‘work’. Denim originated from workwear, Els & Nel from modern working patterns. The idea of ​​the so-called “mobile office life ” resulted in the Raw Case.

The ‘mobile office life’ is a work pattern that’s seen daily in the contemporary urban environment; people use public spaces as their office. The case makes it possible to transport your whole office from A to B and is ‘ready to use’. It can be used as a clutch or a backpack and contains a mechanism to attach it on a bike.