Free Work


For the opening of LOBBY MOSCOW Els & Nel was asked to design a special edition based upon their classic Weekly Journal.

Without loosing the planning functionalities, we added the most important and inspiring Arts & Culture events throughout the world in the weekly pages. With extra attention to the eight biggest cities in Arts & Culture in the supplemented booklet.

The design of the weekoverview stayed similair to the orginal Weekly Journal. The Lobby twist to it are all the different fair’s, biennale’s and other art & culture events desplayed on the day it starts.

The supplemented booklet is completely redesigned for LOBBY MOSCOW. The Art Booklet is a 12 pages booklet with the eight biggest cities in Arts & Culture and their ten must sees of 2020. We added a year overview that will allow you to schedule and plan your vacation or business trip without missing the main art events. The ‘Lobby’ Booklet will be printed on a navy blue thread.